Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Motori Seven - Bike Mini GP, TAG Kart engines, KZ-ICC engines, Moto engines and more

Allright. Hello everyone. This is the first blog concerning MOTORI SEVEN. The seven wonders of karting and bikes engine and power...Just kidding.

Well, many of you are aquainted with the products and activity of the company Motori Seven, but many are not. So we decided to make everybody more aware of what the company produce and market its products.

We have basically 2 main areas of operation:


2) MOTORCYCLES (and specifically Junior GP bikes)

Karting engine production is possibly the most known in some part of the world, while the opposite can be said for other areas of the world.

I will starts with number 2, as it is really simple to show, thanks to a video from the Discovery Channel:

Here it is:

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  1. How much, where and how can i get a Seven Motor bike? thanks